Tips on How to Cut Costs on Home Renovation

The best way to increase the value of your house is to do a complete renovation.   If the painting has flaked or peeled off,  the walls and ceilings expose large cracks and openings,  and the room smells stale and mouldy,  there is no other solution except– a complete home renovation!

If you feel the need to resell or rent out your house, you should at least make it habitable for the next occupant.   If it is the entire house that needs renovation, you would need the services of carpenters, painters, plasterers and cleaners.

You can look up these services from your local directory, or better still, you can Google them up.   For instance if you are looking to hire the services of painters,  you can key in “ Painters Gold Coast ”, into Google ,  if you are looking for plasterers, “ Plastering Gold Coast ”,  or if you are looking for available cleaners to help you with carpet stain removal, dusting, window washing or just about anything which involves cleaning up then the search term “ Cleaning Gold Coast ”.

The house should have upkeep.    It is less expensive to maintain a house  than renovating a dilapidated house.   But if you have the misfortune of owning a house of this condition,  it is not yet too late to fix things up.    To be able to save money on the services of carpenters, plasterers and cleaners,  you may do the minor preparations such as the prepping out of the walls to get it ready for the plastering and painting.

At the top of your list is to  start with one room at a time until you finally get every room in the house prepped up for the  subsequent major step which is the actual renovation.

When you start,  first look into  the walls for blisters and bubbles under the paint or flaking of the paint, cracks, chips and dents in the walls, and mould that have accumulated through time.  Mould usually takes the form of red, brown or black patches on the surface of the paint.  They are usually caused by too much humidity in the room.

If this is the case, you have to get yourself a knife with which to scrape off loose, flaky or blistered paint, a brush with which to clean the surfaces, a filling knife with which to fill in the holes, chips, dents and cracks on the walls or ceilings, and plaster for covering the surface before the application of primer and paint.

Scrape off all the flaky and loose paint from your walls and ceiling.   When all the surface has become smooth, dust off the loose dirt using your brush.   You can also do this by hosing it down with water.   When the surface has become smooth and clean, Mix your plaster with primer to a paste.   With your filling knife, get a small amount of mixture and smooth it out in a downward direction over the small chips and dents.   In filling up bigger holes and dents, get a proportional amount of paste mixture with your hand and apply it all over the deep holes and cracks pounding on it gently to fill all of the crevice.   Then, you can leave it out to dry.   When the plaster filler has become dry, take your filling knife and get a small amount of plaster mixture and smooth it out over the remaining crannies until you get a seamless finish.

Do these for every area until everything is all ready for the renovation.   Doing these yourself will enable you to save money for the serviceman’s hourly rate.   Plus, doing these things yourself will surely create a bond between you and your home and in a way, make you ponder on how to deal with your property in a better way.

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