Robotic Pool Cleaners, Automatic Pool Vacuums and Autobots for your House

There are few things more frustrating than long days spent on your hands and knees by the pool, cleaning the sides and the pool floor with your bare hands, or scrubbing for hours as you dive down to the bottom of your pool to reach those stubborn pieces of debris. You didn’t choose a pool so you could spend all your time cleaning – you chose a pool for those long, lazy summer days sitting in your swimming tube, floating on your back, and watching the kids pretend to be sharks.

If you’re constantly thinking life would be easier if your swimming pool would clean itself, you’ll be pleased to know that your perfect solution exists! Automatic pool cleaners are vacuum cleaners for your swimming pool – they’ll move around the pool and they’ll suck up all that debris, brushing down the sides and leaving your pool looking as good as the day your first filled it with crystal clear water.

Types of Pool Cleaners

There are three main types of auto pool cleaners, and all work slightly differently. Pressure cleaners, and return-side cleaners, are powered along by the pressure of the water moving through them, as the name suggests. They have a dedicated debris bag, and they’re the perfect choice if your pool regularly collects debris, including leaves from overhanging trees.

A suction cleaner will move along to work like an additional drain, using suction to pull debris from your pool. These cleaners don’t just suck, though – many of them vibrate a little as they move around your pool, so they’ll do the scrubbing at the same time. No more holding your breath and taking a sponge under the water. Suction cleaners work with your existing filter, and they’re better for pools that are usually filled with smaller debris.

A pool cleaning robot, or robotic automatic pool cleaner, will be powered along by motors. These are the clever cleaners, in order to pick the best robotic pool cleaner 2018 to help them find any issues and ‘learn’ the shape of your swimming pool. They usually also come with a remote control, so you can direct them if you’re feeling a little more active. Robotic cleaners are great for sand, silt and small pieces of debris, but they can get expensive.

An automatic pool vacuum will set you back anything from a hundred dollars to a few thousand. It depends what you’re looking for, and what brand you go with. A cheap Barracuda cleaner can do a suction cleaning job at a relatively low price, but you’ll be paying in the region of $2000 dollars for an Aquabot T4 pool cleaner, with the ability to clean your whole pool in an hour or less. A state-of-the-art pool cleaning robot like that will clean, filter and scrub your pool, giving you the power to take over with the remote control for intensive spot cleaning when it’s required.

It’s probably not too hard to imagine all the occasions when a pool cleaner might be useful. Maybe your molting dog just took a dive into the pool, or maybe your son wasn’t watching where he was going and tripped up by the side? Now, his sandwiches are in the pool, they’re taking in water faster than a sinking ship, and in the past there’d be only one way to get them out – with a fishing net, time and effort.

Where To Get A Robotic Pool Cleaner

Buy a pool cleaner online, and you’ll never have that worry again. You can get your cleaner delivered to your door, and you won’t need to scrub your pool on your hands and knees or pay professionals to come in and do the job for you. Pool cleaners aren’t an expense, they’re a long-term investment, and you’ll see the results every time the leaves fall into your pool, and every time your daughter decides it’s fun to try and build an island of sand in the middle of the ‘ocean’.

Robotic pool cleaners and automatic pool vacuums are out there to suit every budget, but always check the reviews to make sure yours will do what you want before you buy it. You don’t want to waste money on the wrong type of pool cleaner, and you want one that can handle the size and the depth of your swimming pool.

You can buy accessories and replacement parts for your pool cleaner online, and all good automatic pool cleaners come with their own warranty or guarantee. They’re not intended be the most stylish things you’ve ever seen, but if you’re looking for a pool cleaner the kids and the neighbors will love, you’ll want to check out Hayward pool cleaners.

Get your pool cleaner today, and you could soon be enjoying a better swimming pool experience. You don’t need to spend all day cleaning, you don’t need to ban the kids from going near the pool with their candy, and you don’t need to worry every time the leaves fall from the trees. A dirty pool won’t mean you need to spend hours scrubbing and cleaning, and it won’t mean you need to call someone else and pay them to clean your pool properly – you can do it yourself. The next time your swimming pool looks less than perfect, set the pool cleaner on it, then sit back and relax with an ice cold drink, and get ready for an afternoon in the water when the hard work is done.

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