Green Cleaning Tips

If the question was asked, “Is there more pollution in your house or outside of your house?” How would you answer? Most would state, “There is more health hazardous chemicals outside because of smog and toxic waste”. Per contra, I can assure you that there is a sizable amount of pollution in your house versus outside; 100 times greater than outdoors according to the U.S. EPA. This is because of products used in the residence to freshen air, clean the home and maintain everyday living. Our everyday practices of home living has begun to catch up and cause our families to encounter detrimental health problems. Diseases and impaired functions have been directly lined back to household products. Unfortunately, we have not seen the dangers in home products and as a result have exposed ourselves to them in closed quarters.

Suddenly, families are seeking to find alternatives to toxic household products to protect their families from dangerous chemicals. This has caused an increasing interest in “green” cleaning. Though, this should not be viewed as a fad or trend because it is the resolution to healthy indoor living. Inside of one’s house there are tons of toxic chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOC). These toxins come from everyday chemical products used in the home, often seen as harmless. VOC is placed into cleaning products to advance performance, leading to the annihilation of anything in its path. VOC is not as directly harmful as toxic chemicals but it impairs health and has greater acute effects. Cleaning products have caused over 10% of household pollution and can be directly linked to respiratory, neurological and reproductive diseases. Also, if swallowed can cause sudden death or irritation or burning of the skin and eyes from physical contact.

As a family making a smooth transition into “green” living can be easy, there are many natural products that can keep houses clean and fresh without the toxic chemicals. The 1st tip you should take heed to would be to do your research on natural products. Many companies claim their products are natural out of trend but research will negate this. Research toxic chemicals and then do your research around those. Also, while you’re throwing out (better yet recycling) your old cleaning products one might want to look into employing green cleaning services. Not only do green cleaning services & maids provide cleaning tips but they help get things spic and span. There should be more than a few in your area that provide affordable green cleaning with a luxury twist. If you insist, some cleaning services will use the products and methods that you demand. So what’s the wait, jump into gear and become “green” for life!

Choosing The Right Vacuum Cleaner. Upright Vs Canister.

What is the big difference between these types of cleaners? Do you choose your vacuum just by looks, color etc and do you choose upright because you don’t like tobend over , or canister because you find uprights too weighty ? If at all true in your case , then you need to research further into what you are getting into! search into lists of the best upright vacuum cleaners, the best canister vacuum cleaners, as well as vacuum cleaner reviews by consumers.

Firstly, look at the type of flooring you need your cleaner to handle; do you have mostly carpeted floors or hard surfaces and are they big areas or modest spaces with awkward corners?

For a large area with carpets , you would need an upright vacuum with a wide cleaning path and powerful suction, with adjustable height for different piles of carpet. For smaller areas, a canister may be the right choice for manoeuvring around furniture and into corners, although some models of upright have attachable flexible hoses and extra-reach tools as well . Wooden and hard floors will need a cleaner head which will not damage the surface, while if you have both wood floors and carpets, you will need adjustable or interchangeable heads. Some upright cleaners have self-adjusting heights which will take you smoothly from one type of floor to another.


You should also look at the space available for manoeuvring your vacuum cleaner, before you choose which one to buy : in small tight spaces or where there is heavy furniture or immovable objects, a lightweight canister vac with extra-reach tools will give the best results . a huge carpeted area which has many high shelves and ledges may require a strong suction canister vacuum with a wide head designed for carpets, or an upright vacuum with a removable and long-reach attachments . Either of these will give you efficient cleaning to your carpet plus the ability to reach into awkward spots.


You also need to consider whether you want a bagless cleaner, with a tank to be emptied, or a cleaner with removable or disposable bags. The new style cyclonic cleaners are very popular at the moment, but some people nonetheless prefer to continue with the tried and trusted bagged cleaners.

The debate about upright cleaners being too weighty for some people to handle , is actually quite real; especially in the case of elderly ladies or those with arthritis. However some of the newer models of upright are a lot more lightweight than their older counterparts, but nevertheless possibly a canister could be your best election . Don’t waste time, just check out the best upright vacuum 2018 and reviews to find out the top one for your purpose.


Learn the Several Features of the Most Effective Canister Vacuum Carpet Cleaner

 Canister Vacuum Carpet Cleaner  performs most efficiently depending on the ground or surface you expect to neaten. Vacuum cleaners are really not generic. However the fantastic item about it is that you can filter your options considering that the best vacuum carpet cleaners out there are actually stuffed with many brush heads. You could certainly use these brush heads depending on the surface you will wash.

If you intend to polish merely a stark board then your brush head have to be a bare tough plastic floor brush. This has ten to twelve centimeters hard plastic brush that has delicate bristles. These bristles work as a broom or a soft broom that will set off the dirt on the floor while the vacuum traps the soot as well as other grains.

When you are brushing as well as burnishing a floor then the turbo brush head is the most effective preference. The drum roller head rotates hence, a scrubbing movement is utilized on the floor making it sparkling. The bristle on this device is really harder as contrasted to the first-mentioned one so you are actually ensured to not only clean the floor area but also burnish it.

Rugged as well as rough areas are not a concern ever again considering that you can now utilize your Vacuum Cleaners on them. You merely need to pick out a power head brush that is really similar to a turbo head brush but has a ton more energy to it. Its brush head uses a detached motor making sure of a more compelling washing action.

The turbo and power brush heads are actually superb if you enjoy a carpet that needs cleaning. As you exactly understand, tapestry are very challenging to clean since lint, dirt as well as other particles go through and subside between the bristles of the carpet. Utilizing these motor heads should surely straighten those bristles making the grains to push while the vacuum suctions them out from the carpet and rug. These will make certain overall cleanliness.

Generally there are a ton of canister vacuum cleaners to choose from and it can possibly be a complicated work to opt for which design to pay for. As a pointer, apart from your vacuum carpet cleaner cleaning plane surfaces, you have to also choose a model that can wash unequal as well as tough surfaces. A couple of the manufacturers feature Eureka Oxygen 6992 as well as Miele Solaris Canister.

Discussing on differing surfaces, rugs as well as ground are actually on top of the list on the most complicated exteriors to clear out. Your most desirable preference would be products like the EIO kinds, Miele Solaris, as well as the Sebo Turbo canister vacuum cleaner. Such brand names provide strong motors as well as heads that are superb for the deed.

In the event that you have cats at home and at the same time have rugs all around, your most difficult things to deal with are loose pet hair and other related dirt. Worry no more since manufacturers including Sebo Canister 3.1, Miele Silver Moon, as well as the Eureka Oxygen 6996 can absolutely postulate the voltage you require to wash your household out of the plaguing hairs all over.

Just don’t forget that the best vacuum carpet cleaner in the market are actually not simply those complicated looking gadgets but those ones that can perform the job demanded of it. Choosing a vacuum carpet cleaner for your property or practice uses time. Just ascertain you currently know the thing that you choose to wash. Undoubtedly there is a best match for your need.

Energy saving tips

Controlling your electrical bill doesn’t have to cost anything. On the contrary, by following these easy, no-cost steps, you can save money and increase the comfort of your home:

* Repair leaky faucets. A leaky tap at one drop per second wastes 800 litres (175 gallons) of hot water per month.

* When washing dishes, fill the sink with about three inches of warm water to begin. Do a few dishes at a time and as you rinse them, run the water into the soapy dishes, thereby filling up the sink as you go. You’ll use less hot water.

* Most people, when they fill a kettle or a watering can, hold the object in their right hand and therefore use the left-HOT-faucet. Get into the habit of using cold water for this purpose.

* On sunny days, open the drapes and curtains to let the sun heat the home. At night, close them to keep the heat inside. This works best in the winter because the angle of the sun allows for the greatest amount of sun to come in.

* Cover all air conditioner units in the winter.

* Change filters in heat pumps and heating units before the heating season.

* Ensure that furniture is not placed in front of heating grills.

* When the air conditioner is on, set the thermostat at 26 [degrees] C (78 [degrees] F).

* Turn air conditioners off when you’re not at home.

* A clean air conditioning unit is more energy efficient. Regularly clean or replace dirty air filters.

* Use an electric kettle to boil water for a cup of tea. It uses only half the energy of a stove-top element, which in turn only uses half the energy of a microwave.

* Use a microwave, electric kettle, toaster oven or slow cooker as an energy efficient alternative to the electric range and oven.

* Set aside a cooking hour and cook as many foods as possible at one time in an oven.

* Use fluorescent lighting and task lighting, rather than making the entire kitchen generally bright.

* Use thermoses whenever possible: leave cold drinks out in thermos bottles rather than in the refrigerator on hot days; use a thermos to keep coffee warm rather than keeping it on the stove.

* A fireplace can be an energy and money waster, especially if you let warm inside air go up the chimney. Fireplaces waste more heat than they produce.

* If you have a water bed, make sure the bedspread is always on to keep heat in. An unmade bed uses more energy to maintain the mattress’s set temperature.

* After a bath or doing dishes, let the hot water sit for awhile to heat the room. (But only if you don’t have condensation or moisture problems, and keep children away from unsupervised tubs).

* Rinsing your clothes in cold water could save you enough hot water in a year to take 220 showers.

* A home computer and printer use about the same amount of power every month as a microwave oven. The newest home computers run on only two-thirds the amount of energy as those manufactured in the mid-’80s. Laptops require less power than desktop versions.

* If you live in a condominium, consider forming an energysaving committee to tour the building and look for ways to save energy and implement energy efficient ideas. Use condo and co-op newsletters to pass on energysavingtips.



– An uncrowded fridge works more efficiently than a crowded one. The freezer section works more efficiently when it’s about two-thirds full.

– A clean fridge works better.

– Locate it away from heat sources such as sunlight or other appliances. Coils on a fridge are designed to dissipate heat and don’t work as well in warmer areas.

– Test the seal on your fridge door by closing it on a thin strip of paper, checking that it’s held tightly in place. Worn seals are cheap to replace, and doors can sometimes be adjusted.

– Defrost frozen food inside the fridge. It helps keep the fridge cool and saves energy you would use with a microwave.

– Don’t stare into the fridge holding the door open.


– The ideal freezer temperature – 18 [degrees] C (0 [degrees] F)

– Make sure no more than 1/4-inch of frost builds up. The thicker the coating, the harder the freezer has to work.

– Place away from heat sources.

– Don’t store in the garage or on an unheated porch, since variable outside temperatures can cause compressor damage.


– Clean the lint filter after every load. A clogged filter can damage the dryer and create a fire risk.

– Never vent a dryer indoors. Fibre and chemicals in the dryer exhaust can be harmful. Use a vent cover to prevent cold air from entering.


– Water temperature should be about 60 [degrees] C (140 [degrees] F).

– Wait until the dishwasher is full before running.

– Use short cycles when you have easy-to-clean loads

– If the machine doesn’t have an energy-saver feature, turn it off at the end of the rinse cycle and open the door to let dishes air dry.

– If you have a portable dishwasher, you can recycle some of the hot water by saving part of the last deep rinse cycle in the sink and adding dishwashing liquid to wash large items or pots that don’t fit into the dishwasher.


– Rinse laundry in cold water. Clothes come just as clean and you use and pay for much less hot water. It’s also easier on many fabrics.

– Pre-treat stains to avoid having to re-wash; wash lightly-soiled clothes in cold water.

– Use full loads only

– Use the spin cycle twice. This will reduce drying time, and the washer uses less energy than the dryer.


– Only pre-heat oven for baking, and then, only for 10 minutes.

– Match the pot size to the burner size to prevent energy from being wasted on the leftover surface.

– Use a lid, to cook food three times faster.

– Use the self-cleaning feature right after cooking when the oven is already hot.

– Do not open the door to peek unnecessarily. Every time you do, the temperature drops about 25 [degrees] F.

Tips On How To Construct Finest Kitchen Cabinet ?

Are you sick and tired of that boring, outdated kitchen? If so, then remodeling is the right option for it. The majority of folks feel pleasure in remodeling their home and most of them commence from the kitchen. It’s usual, mainly because one of the most essential room of your respective home is your kitchen. If you ever come across that your old kitchen is a lot more of an eyesore than an appealing surroundings, then you may take actions to remedy the predicament. How do you obtain the best kitchen {{cabinets}} type for the property, though?

Commence by analyzing the various offerings by best corporations. You are likely to arrive across the cabinetry by Aster, Elmwood and Cuisine Cabico that presents you access to almost everything from traditional style to smart modern {{cabinets}}. As you examine out Varity of cabinetry collections exist, you’ll locate that a lot of of those drop the typical “bulkhead” at the top rated – this allows the {{cabinets}} to touch the ceiling, and offers your kitchen a modern search.

Comparison Shop for These Products

There are a variety of areas to look each on the internet and offline for both a bathroom cabinet or maybe a kitchen cabinet.  From establishing suppliers, to specialty shops and every thing in between, both the web and offline locations have a variety of bathroom cabinet provider or kitchen cabinet store. Bear in head that to put together the perfect value to your funds, you will need to have to comparison shop for what you desire and might need inside the establishing venture for that least quantity of money with no sacrificing excellent for that undertaking you could have in head. It’s one way to have what you wish at a price that you just can afford.

Search Into Low budget Suppliers

Although going to some setting up store or superstore, you may well not be receiving your money’s worth for any bathroom cabinet or kitchen cabinet of this dreams. Discounted stores may perhaps be the very best approach to go for both a kitchen cabinet provider or perhaps a bathroom cabinet supplier. Though these suggestions may well be looked at with scorn, bear in mind that the discount retailers normally have very same or greater level of quality than the making shops for half the value. So consider this region for when you will have to obtain cabinetry for ones up coming making undertaking.

Join Buyer Clubs

Despite the fact that this sounds a bit crazy, if you ever aren’t a expert builder, receiving either a bathroom cabinet or possibly a kitchen cabinet can be costly. There are unique end user clubs that are comparable to price cut merchants, but provide you with a deeper cut price due to the fact that they commonly are not only bathroom cabinet supplier but kitchen cabinet dealer likewise. This is certainly why they could deliver such deep discounts to members of those clubs. This is a little regarded secret that will conserve you a whole lot when it comes to establishing projects of this sort in addition as saving you capital and time within the extended run. These clubs also have professional installers on web-site.


Cleaning Tips

Below are some stain removal and spot-cleaning tips that you can use at home. These are tried and true, and effective in most situations.

Formaldehyde – Is Everywhere From Household Products to Carpets!

Most of us live our lives each day trying to protect ourselves and our family. It isn’t easy to rid ourselves of so many cancer causing elements within our environment. We can however, do as much as we can to keep them all at a minimum.

Here are 14 Facts About Formaldehyde You Need To Know To Protect Your Family!

Most of us live our lives each day trying to protect ourselves and our family. It isn’t easy to rid ourselves of so many cancer causing elements within our environment. We can however, do as much as we can to keep them all at a minimum.

  1. Formaldehyde is a colorless chemical. It is flammable and has a very strong smell to it
  2. Many household products such as: particleboard, plywood and even fiberboard contain this chemical. It is also contained in glues as well as adhesives. Even the clothes we wear, detergents, furniture, and drapes contain it. Insulation in our homes contain it. Automobile tailpipe emissions release this chemical. Other sources of formaldehyde include cigarette smoke. The list goes on.
  3. This chemical has been classified as a human carcinogen. That means it is a cancer-causing substance. These findings were conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. It has also been stated to be a probable human carcinogen by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Cancer can be caused by the environment. It is almost impossible to get rid of all potential dangers out there. It is important; however, for us as concerned individuals to do as much as possible to try to consume as little as possible.
  4. Sometimes workers who are exposed to formaldehyde during their everyday activities at work have developed several types of cancers including nasopharyngeal cancer and leukemia.
  5. Unfortunately, formaldehyde even occurs naturally within living organisms within our environment.
  6. This chemical is quite common indoors as well as outdoors.
  7. At room temperature formaldehyde turns into a gas (VOC) or a volatile organic compound.
  8. It’s pretty scary once you realize how much formaldehyde there is around us. If you should inhale more than 0.1 concentrations of this toxin, it can wreck havoc with your health possibly causing headaches, breathing problems and even irritation to your mucous membranes.
  9. This chemical can be a problems for animals too.
  10. If you happen to have an unvented fuel-burning appliance, it too can can emit this chemical. I’m talking about appliances such as gas stoves or even wood-burning stoves, and kerosene heaters.
  11. Symptoms include watery eyes, burning of the eyes, nose and throat. You may experience coughing, wheezing, or may feel sick to your stomach as if you need to vomit.
  12. It is a fact that even the newer carpeting out there releases vapors from more than 100 organic compounds that are considered threatening. Carpeting no matter what age it is, is where microbes reside. Traces of these types of materials are actually brought into your home from your shoes.
  13. We all want our homes to be as healthy as possible since we live there with our family. There are health concerns when it comes to materials such as formaldehyde in carpeting and other materials within the home.
  14. The cosmetics industry is also a huge culprit when it comes to formaldehyde — even drugs contain it!

If you are concerned about having less of this chemical in your home, it’s a good idea to have your carpets cleaned regularly so the release of formaldehyde gas and other toxins can be minimized.

If you find yourself googling affordable carpet cleaning, spot-cleaning, or residential cleaning Atlanta, please revisit our site. Here at Polar Bear Carpet Cleaning we can help you keep a healthier home and/or office with our safe and non-toxic chemical process. We also do hardwood floor cleaning as well as air duct cleaning. Don’t forget to ask about our ten day 100% satisfaction period!

Importance of Rug Cleaning – 4 Important Facts About Toxic Materials in New Carpet!

Rug Cleaning is essential to eliminate toxins from your carpet. I believe specifically steam cleaning new carpets is a must. Below are 4 important facts about these toxins.

  1. Many new carpets do contain formaldehyde and possibly other chemical compounds which the EPA consider hazardous.
  2. Today’s home builders use a long list of building materials, furnishings, carpeting and others that contain toxic chemicals. Those chemicals end up going into the air we breathe. From there, they go into the water we drink. They even get onto our skin!
  3. The human body actually automatically detoxifies, but it doesn’t do it 100 percent, unfortunately. Everyone is different and it depends on how healthy they are, their age, their genetic factors, as well as their mental condition is resistant to a certain amount of toxicity. Sometimes our body is overwhelmed by an increased amount of chemicals in our home as well as in our environment. If you have new carpeting and notice any of the following symptoms: headaches, allergies, nervousness, or just not feeling “right.” You could be what they call “hypersensitive” to items of modern manufacture.

Many carpets that are wall-to-wall that are in offices actually may contain a substance called toluene, benzene or even acetone. Each one of those are well known carcinogens.

We need to keep ourselves and our families as safe as we can from chemicals. It is not an easy task and we can’t even do it 100 percent. If you have babies, small children, any elderly friends, family members or pets, I would be even more aware of things I can do to help keep toxins out of my home as much as possible.

Babies, small children and the elderly especially have a tough time breathing in many instances. Toxins are stored in our body fats, in our membranes, in our brain, kidneys, liver, lungs, etc. A backlog of toxins can cause damage to the detoxification organs and can play havoc with our nervous and immune systems and glands.

If you have any of the above symptoms I mentioned earlier, definitely visit your doctor.

Handy On-the-Spot Guide To Stain Removal

How to mix the SOLUTIONS mentioned below:

Detergent Solution:
– One teaspoon of mild dish detergent or powdered laundry detergent
– 16 ounces of water.

Vinegar Solution:
– 1/3 cup of white vinegar
– 2/3 cup of water

Ammonia Solution:
– 4 ounces clear ammonia
– 24 ounces of water

Dry Cleaning Solution:
Available at most hardware stores.

Paint/Oil/Grease Remover:

Available in most hardware stores.

First, act quickly! Use clean, white towels or a wet/dry vacuum to absorb as much liquid as you can. Blot, do not rub. Work toward the center of the spot when cleaning and repeat steps, if necessary. Always blot between steps with a clean, white towel, or if you have a wet/dry vacuum, flush with a little clean water and vacuum immediately and thoroughly.

Always do a test spot on a portion of the carpet or fabric that is not normally visible (especially on upholstery fabrics, where water-based solutions may leave ring marks). Be careful not to over-wet, and never use chlorine bleach.

Above all, if you have any doubts, call us at 770-749-7749, or at any of our other numbers for professional assistance. That’s what we are here for.

1. Squirt with warm tap water or soda water.
2. Blot dry.

1. Flush with warm tap water or soda water.
2. Use detergent solution if necessary.

1. Add 1 teaspoon of white vinegar to detergent solution.
2. Rinse.
3. Trim burned fibers with scissors. If damage is excessive, call us for help.

1. Apply cool detergent solution.
2. Apply ammonia solution.
3. Apply vinegar solution.
4. Repeat Step 1.
5. Rinse.

1. Flush with cold water or soda water.
2. Blot and let dry.
3. Remove traces with dry cleaning solution.

Fruit/Juice/Jelly/Soda (with artificial colors)
1. Apply detergent solution.
2. Apply vinegar solution.
3. Rinse.
4. Repeat Step 1.
5. Rinse.

Cleaning methods depend on the type of glue. Many have special solvents available for the manufacturer. Follow instructions carefully. If stains are indelible, trim affected carpet fibers.

1. Apply detergent solution.
2. Rinse.
3. Apply ammonia solution.
4. Rinse.

1. Apply detergent solution.
2. Apply vinegar solution.
3. Repeat Step 1.

Grease/Oil/Clear Salad Dressing
1. Apply dry cleaning solution.
2. Or apply detergent solution.
3. Or use blotting paper and a warm iron.

1. Apply warm tap or soda water.
2. detergent solution or dry cleaning solution may also be used.

1. Let dry.
2. Brush, scrape or vacuum off as much as possible.
3. Apply detergent solution.
4. Rinse.

Do not attempt on your own; it is very risky. When a paint spill occurs, call us for professional help.

1. Apply vinegar solution.
2. Blot.
3. Commercial rust removers may be used, but are very risky and expensive. It’s advisable to let the professionals handle it.

Tar/Shoe Polish
1. Apply detergent solution.
2. Applypaint/oil/grease remover.
3. Repeat Step 1.
4. Apply detergent solution.
5. Apply ammonia solution.
6. Rinse.

Urine Stains
1. Apply detergent solution.
2. Apply ammonia solution.
3. Apply vinegar solution.
4. Rinse.
5. Enzyme deodorizers may be applied after spot-cleaning and are available at many pet supply stores. Follow the manufactures instructions and, as always, test product in an area that is normally not visible.

1. Remove as much standing water as possible.
2. Dry carpet as quickly and completely as possible by raising it off the floor. The use of dehumidifiers and fans will also speed the dry-time.
3. Even the smallest amount of standing water can cause health and environmental concerns. Most will require the use of specific sanitizers and decontamination processes that are beyond the capabilities of conventional carpet cleaning. Contact a professional that specializes in water damage. Your home-owner’s insurance company may be able to provide you with additional options and suggestions.

1. Apply dry cleaning solution.
2. Apply paint/oil/grease remover.
3. Repeat step 1.
4. Rinse.

1. Apply detergent solution.
2. Apply vinegar solution.
3. Apply ammonia solution.
4. Rinse.

What’s Hot and Not in Eco-Friendly Kitchen Stove Appliances?

Daydreaming about the possibilities of eco-friendly kitchen appliances? Been wondering, how to give an energy excessive kitchen a face-lift and power down? Have any idea of how well the modernly appointed kitchen serves up eco-friendly appliances?While the innovation of the eco-kitchen appliances continues to grow in number and scale, the functions, features and design are infinite.  So, to sink our teeth into the primary contributor of cooking efficiency, today, we’re looking at the eco-friendly kitchen appliance stove.The options in eco-kitchen cooking appliances are staggering.

Everything from microwave drawers stocked with a drawer to self-automating stoves, there’s so much to consider. Induction cook tops, gas, electric, and microwave are the basic kitchen cooking appliances. While these cooking aids vary in price, they have differing eco-benefits and challenges. For example, out of all the electric cook tops, induction cook-tops are the most eco-friendly; but of course it all depends on your budget. While gas energy tends to be more energy efficient, there’s this thing called pollution that it produces. Gas stoves emit some ecologically undesirable elements. There’s carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide as well as nitrogen dioxide. Nevertheless, the ability to finely control heat is the underlying benefit of cooking on a gas cook top.If you really want to conserve on energy, the wall oven makes for an eco friendly kitchen appliance. While this green oven appliance costs significantly more than a range, it consumes roughly 20 percent less energy in the convection mode model.  But aside from all green living concerns, the wall oven offers a few flexible placement options: can be shelved or placed either at eye, shoulder or torso level.In terms of electrical stovetop, ones with halogen and glass-topped radiant elements make for fuss-free cleaning.

Nevertheless, they are far more expensive and not anymore energy efficient than the electric coil.As for the most affordable green kitchen appliance alternative, the All-in One Range beats out the wall oven and cook top. But if you’re looking for an oven to delegate some of your cooking responsibilities, you’ll love the Whirlpool Polar Range Stove. This new eco-kitchen cooking appliance goes well beyond cooking food on energy efficiency. An incredible creation, this arsenal of an oven has been dubbed the “Slow Cooker on Steroids.”It’s a cross between having the Jetson’s stove and an eco-kitchen appliance. The full range aid starts cooking your dinner well before you get home. Programmed and initiated by you, let’s say following a day of client meetings, you are late getting home to start the cooking preparations for a small dinner party, this range chills food to room temperature and then starts the cooking. Nevertheless, eco-analysts endorse all oven types with a self-cleaning feature. The reasoning is that the extra insulation padding reduces how much the oven actually consumes. But for the person who uses the feature more than once a month, all conservation savings are off. In other words, self-cleaning your oven too often eats up a lot of energy, promotes toxic fumes and counters the entire “green living philosophy.”Next time, we will investigate the latest greenery in eco-friendly kitchen appliances.