Green Cleaning Tips

If the question was asked, “Is there more pollution in your house or outside of your house?” How would you answer? Most would state, “There is more health hazardous chemicals outside because of smog and toxic waste”. Per contra, I can assure you that there is a sizable amount of pollution in your house versus outside; 100 times greater than outdoors according to the U.S. EPA. This is because of products used in the residence to freshen air, clean the home and maintain everyday living. Our everyday practices of home living has begun to catch up and cause our families to encounter detrimental health problems. Diseases and impaired functions have been directly lined back to household products. Unfortunately, we have not seen the dangers in home products and as a result have exposed ourselves to them in closed quarters.

Suddenly, families are seeking to find alternatives to toxic household products to protect their families from dangerous chemicals. This has caused an increasing interest in “green” cleaning. Though, this should not be viewed as a fad or trend because it is the resolution to healthy indoor living. Inside of one’s house there are tons of toxic chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOC). These toxins come from everyday chemical products used in the home, often seen as harmless. VOC is placed into cleaning products to advance performance, leading to the annihilation of anything in its path. VOC is not as directly harmful as toxic chemicals but it impairs health and has greater acute effects. Cleaning products have caused over 10% of household pollution and can be directly linked to respiratory, neurological and reproductive diseases. Also, if swallowed can cause sudden death or irritation or burning of the skin and eyes from physical contact.

As a family making a smooth transition into “green” living can be easy, there are many natural products that can keep houses clean and fresh without the toxic chemicals. The 1st tip you should take heed to would be to do your research on natural products. Many companies claim their products are natural out of trend but research will negate this. Research toxic chemicals and then do your research around those. Also, while you’re throwing out (better yet recycling) your old cleaning products one might want to look into employing green cleaning services. Not only do green cleaning services & maids provide cleaning tips but they help get things spic and span. There should be more than a few in your area that provide affordable green cleaning with a luxury twist. If you insist, some cleaning services will use the products and methods that you demand. So what’s the wait, jump into gear and become “green” for life!

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