Cleaning Laminate Flooring

Self-cleaning floors would sure be a welcome invention, but until that happens, there is laminate flooring. Cleaning laminate flooring is the next best thing to a floor that never needs cleaning. You could make the family and guests where those little hospital booties over their feet to keep your floors clean, but with laminate flooring, the cleaning process is so quick and easy that you won’t even mind shoes in the house on occasion.

Cleaning laminate flooring requires only a broom or electric vacuum with a solid floor attachment. You won’t have to worry about scratching with the vacuum or as you sweep up even sand because the top finish layer of the laminate flooring is so durable, it is resilient against most types of minor abrasions. That is not to say you can purposely scrape furniture or allow dirt to get ground in. Frequent sweeping, depending on the area’s traffic is important to keep a build up of sand and dirt from eventually marring the floor’s surface.The best preventative care for any type of flooring is frequent cleaning.

cleaning laminate flooring

Carpets should be vacuumed often and vinyl flooring needs periodic scrubbing. Cleaning laminate flooring is just as important, yet so much easier. If you follow the routine listed here, you will be sure to enjoy beautiful wood like laminate flooring for years to come. Keeping up a routine cleaning schedule makes it much less of a chore than letting dirt build up. Plus, the floors will look so great and with such ease that you may find you even enjoy the cleaning process.Daily Cleaning of Laminate Floors:Sweep visible debris with broom or dust mop bare surfacesHigh traffic areas need daily damp mopping, especially in the kitchen where food may make floors sticky Weekly Cleaning of Laminate Floors:

cleaning laminate flooring
Remove all area rugs and shake out dirt or vacuumSweep or vacuum bare floors thoroughlyMop with a mild detergent suitable for multiple surfaces such as vinyl, wood, and laminatesSeasonal Cleaning Twice a Year:Do all of the steps for a weekly cleaning, but move furniture to get to those unseen areasNo stripping or waxing is required. The floors will remain shinny and bright with just the use of mild cleanersAny spills should be cleaned up immediately from a laminate floor. This will help prevent staining and of course remove the stickiness that can attract dirt and dust. If a stain, say from grape juice, gets on the floor, you can use a diluted cleanser that contains bleach.

Also oxy cleaners will remove most colorful stains from laminate flooring.To protect the floors from unnecessary dirt or staining it is a good idea to use runners in high traffic pattern areas. Pads can be placed under the feet of heavy furniture. Chairs that are slid in and out, perhaps from the dining room table, can have felt pads attached to the bottom so they will slide and not scratch. Potted plants that may leak should be placed on elevated platforms with trays to catch water and dirt.

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