Bosch 1274DVS Review

This variable speed in-line belt sanding tool from Bosch combines reliable, solid performance with a design that is well executed. The lightweight, durable housing is made from plastic and magnesium.

Bosch 1274DVS’s comfortable, balanced and ease of operation make it possible to use for an extended period of time. There is no warping associated with stamped steel platen as a result of the cast aluminum platen, and the sander is ready to use without additional assembly required.

A flush finish is provided when sanding corners by the belt edge being aligned with the motor. The limited visibility around tight corners is a slight drawback but the system for changing the belt works well without spring pinches. The belt is quickly tracked and held in place by the tracking adjustment. The trigger switch has a built in dual speed dial for variable speeds.

Negative Reviews

Though not pessimistic we always begin with the negative review aspects in order to give a realistic view of the item, so that is where we will begin for the Bosch 1274DV belt sander.

There are a number of things that the warranty does not cover past the first thirty days of ownership including the switch if it goes bad. There some problems with nicking the belt and it not begin adjusted or tracked properly once it was replaced. The paper would not remain on the sander. Some users experienced the insides becoming stopped up with the dust from sanding. The unit had to be taken apart and cleaned with a shop vacuum.

The seal was non-existent between the bag and the dust port causing dust to blow back at the user. The plastic tension release lever was also found to turn brittle as a result of being made of cheap material.

Positive Reviews

There were a number of positive reviews for the 1274DVS. Some of the positive aspects of the belt sander included the build and design being pleasing. Changing the belt only required pulling the side lever to remove the old belt. The ability to sand edges that are obstructed by removing the front handle was another pleasing feature. The speed was easily adjusted with the trigger relieving the need to apply and release pressure in order to adjust the sanding capabilities.

The sander is perfectly balanced. The belt can be seen from both sides while sanding is being done. The accuracy and control of sanding made up for the loss of speed that was experienced during some projects. The unit can be used as a table top sander easily by simply flipping it over which is another amazing aspect of the belt sander.


Would we recommend the 274DVS Variable Speed belt sander from Bosch with a cloth dust bag to consumers? Yes, we would and here’s the reason:

The positive aspects of the unit greatly outweighed the negative with virtually everyone, (even those giving negative reviews) finding positive aspects of the sander. Those wishing to sand odd surfaces, obscure angles and projects of all sizes can be confident of a job done right when purchasing the 1274DVS making it an investment well worth making.

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