Understanding the Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

With almost every household today having not one but several vacuum cleaners, it becomes clear that choosing just one is extremely difficult. In fact, would you believe that there now are over 400 vacuum cleaner models?As the numbers increase, the more the general public gets confused on which one to buy.

For them, they simply need a great tool that can make daily cleaning a bit easier. Luckily, Let’s Talk Vacuums has your comprehensive list of all vacuum types to help make purchasing your new vacuum cleaner easier than ever before.

Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners Available Today

When you start looking at vacuum cleaner reviews, knowing your options is everything.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners:

Canister vacuum cleaners have a long wand and a canister attached together by a flexible hose. The canister is mounted on the wheels and holds the motor and the receptacle that collects the dust enabling cleaning as the vacuum cleaner goes through every area sucking the dirt and dust particles from the floor.Typically, these vacuums weigh less than upright cleaners and are more powerful than stick vacuum cleaners. They work very well on hard floor surfaces and operate with minimal noise. However, they are more expensive than the other types. So before you choose a canister vacuum cleaner, don’t forget to read the full buying guide and reviews to pick up the best canister vacuum 2018 

Upright Vacuum cleaners:

the name implies, this type of vacuum stands in an upright position, making it perfect for easy storage.This is the most popular type today as it offers many features and comes in different designs.The upright vacuum cleaner is also the best tool for heavily carpeted areas. This provides super-fast and effective cleaning of carpeted areas. Some models do great on bare floors as well.Most upright vacuum cleaner models have intake and exhaust ports, as well as a motor, bag, and receptacle while some even come with flexible hoses and attachments to offer more versatility.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners:

This is a small appliance that is most commonly used to clean the interior of vehicles.

However, more people now use handheld cleaners in conjunction with upright vacuum cleaners as this makes it easier to immediately attend to small spills and hard to reach corner areas.Since they are generally inexpensive, most households choose to purchase a handheld vacuum cleaner in addition to their regular vacuum cleaner. This type comes with cords and cordless models. If you are after ultimate portability, you would want to have the cordless model which is usually battery operated.

Automatic or Robotic Vacuum Cleaners:

This type of vacuum cleaner is perfect for those who just do not have the time to clean every corner one by one. All you have to do is enter specific instructions in the program and let it operate on its own. There also are models that do not need programs and they just bump and clean as they go. There are even some that come with remote controls so that you can operate it from a certain distance.These also come with intensity settings, a predetermined number of circuits, and electronic sensors for it to avoid bumping into walls and furniture as it moves around. For those models with no sensors, they usually have rubber bumpers so as to not cause any damage to anything.

These automatic or robotic vacuum cleaners can efficiently clean carpet, wood, and tile flooring. In addition, their small size makes them capable of going under the bed, chairs, tables, and other furniture easily.Stick or Electric Broom Vacuum CleanersThis is quite similar to that of upright cleaners but weigh significantly less. These are particularly beneficial for households with small areas or low carpeting as the lightweight design makes it easy to clean more frequently.

However, these do not have the strong power like that of upright vacuum cleaners and the versatility of canister vacuum cleaners.Central Vacuum Cleaning SystemThis vacuum cleaning system offers several great benefits for people with respiratory conditions and physical limitations. Several flexible hoses may be placed at specific areas around the hose to gather dirt and dust.Let’s Talk Vacuums Has Reviews for All Vacuum Cleaner TypesThese are the major types of vacuum cleaners and each brand today offers more than one option per type which makes choosing the right one almost inevitable. But with the right knowledge, you can find the one most suitable to you and your household needs.Of course, you can always turn to Let’s Talk Vacuums for the excellent guidance and best vacuum cleaner reviews you need to make your decision. Get reading and find your perfect new vacuum, today!



Cleaning Laminate Flooring

cleaning laminate flooring

Self-cleaning floors would sure be a welcome invention, but until that happens, there is laminate flooring. Cleaning laminate flooring is the next best thing to a floor that never needs cleaning. You could make the family and guests where those little hospital booties over their feet to keep your floors clean, but with laminate flooring, the cleaning process is so quick and easy that you won’t even mind shoes in the house on occasion.

Cleaning laminate flooring requires only a broom or electric vacuum with a solid floor attachment. You won’t have to worry about scratching with the vacuum or as you sweep up even sand because the top finish layer of the laminate flooring is so durable, it is resilient against most types of minor abrasions. That is not to say you can purposely scrape furniture or allow dirt to get ground in. Frequent sweeping, depending on the area’s traffic is important to keep a build up of sand and dirt from eventually marring the floor’s surface.The best preventative care for any type of flooring is frequent cleaning.

cleaning laminate flooring

Carpets should be vacuumed often and vinyl flooring needs periodic scrubbing. Cleaning laminate flooring is just as important, yet so much easier. If you follow the routine listed here, you will be sure to enjoy beautiful wood like laminate flooring for years to come. Keeping up a routine cleaning schedule makes it much less of a chore than letting dirt build up. Plus, the floors will look so great and with such ease that you may find you even enjoy the cleaning process.Daily Cleaning of Laminate Floors:Sweep visible debris with broom or dust mop bare surfacesHigh traffic areas need daily damp mopping, especially in the kitchen where food may make floors sticky Weekly Cleaning of Laminate Floors:

cleaning laminate flooring
Remove all area rugs and shake out dirt or vacuumSweep or vacuum bare floors thoroughlyMop with a mild detergent suitable for multiple surfaces such as vinyl, wood, and laminatesSeasonal Cleaning Twice a Year:Do all of the steps for a weekly cleaning, but move furniture to get to those unseen areasNo stripping or waxing is required. The floors will remain shinny and bright with just the use of mild cleanersAny spills should be cleaned up immediately from a laminate floor. This will help prevent staining and of course remove the stickiness that can attract dirt and dust. If a stain, say from grape juice, gets on the floor, you can use a diluted cleanser that contains bleach.

Also oxy cleaners will remove most colorful stains from laminate flooring.To protect the floors from unnecessary dirt or staining it is a good idea to use runners in high traffic pattern areas. Pads can be placed under the feet of heavy furniture. Chairs that are slid in and out, perhaps from the dining room table, can have felt pads attached to the bottom so they will slide and not scratch. Potted plants that may leak should be placed on elevated platforms with trays to catch water and dirt.

Cleaning Your Garage Tips and Advice

cleaning your garage tips and advice

Cleaning your garage, tips, and advice
Help with cleaning your home. Tips and advice on
cleaning and home improvement. If you were
looking for ideas on decorating or other home
ideas please read the below articles.Materials milling
cutters can be constructed from as many various types of milling cutters
available, there are materials that they can be
constructed from including, carbide, micro-grain
carbide, ceramic, high-speed steel, and diamond
PCD as well as numerous different types of
coatings. Some of the coatings are titanium
nitride, titanium carbon nitride, aluminum
oxide, zirconium nitride, and diamond to name a
few. To learn more about

cleaning your garage tips and advice

carbide end mills visit Carbide End Mill
Sets.com.Picking Your Drill BitsWhen shopping for
tile drill
bits, or any drill bit, there are various
factors that you need to know and understand.
Since drill bits come in multiple sizes and
types it would be very easy to purchase the
incorrect drill bit for your project. Using the
wrong bit can damage your material and cost you
time and money. Do your research first so you
know which type of drill bit and what size is
best for your specific job before starting your
work.Different types and styles of chainsaws

cleaning your garage tips and advice

Like cars and automobiles,
the chainsaw comes in a variety of different
sizes, each perfectly suited for the task they
were designed to handle. You can buy a small
the lightweight electric chainsaw which is
excellent for trimming and pruning small trees.
If you plan on doing larger jobs then you can
find many other types that have the capability
to fall a massive hardwood tree.A quick fix repairDuct tape is a wonderful tool for a quick fix in a crisis when the correct supplies are not
available. Any duct tape repairs, other than on heating and air
ducts, should be replaced and the item repaired
properly as early as possible. Of course, you
will always have some people who like to use
duct tape for all repair jobs and circumstances.
That might be okay, but you should expect to
work on the same project, again and again,
repairing the same area. For some folks, they may
just enjoy tinkering with things again and
again. Duct tape repairs are not a long-term
fix.Installing ceramic tiles properly install ceramic tile, a good base
foundation or underlayment is critical. It
usually consists of plywood 3/4″ to 1-1/4″
thick. Placing tile over linoleum or existing
tile is also possible as long as it is solid and
level. When tiling over linoleum, it is
recommended that you first apply ring nails or
screws 6″ on center over the entire area. You
can also install tiles directly on concrete. In
all cases, make sure that the floor is level and
clean. It should be free of dust and debris. If
necessary, you can apply a leveling compound.
Ceramic tile saws will help cut your tiles for a
the crisp looking floor.

See more at: https://www.wikihow.com/Clean-out-Your-Garage

What Is The Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors?

what is the best vacuum for hardwood floors

In this post, you will find out what the best vacuum for hardwood floors really is. So, you’ve been looking for some reliable info on the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors, but you simply can’t find anything that you need, right? Well, in this post you’ll be able to find just the right hardwood model that fits your needs. I hope I can make your choice easier here.

what is the best vacuum for hardwood floors

The problem with all those reviews out there online is that the guys that write them don’t think about your specific needs at all. That’s why I’ve researched and compiled the best vacuum models that will fit your specific needs. This means that if you have a lot of stairs in your homes, you should check out the “best hardwood vacuum model for stairs” section below.

#1 Choice:

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

PROS: I reviewed this baby and gave it a perfect score for a stick hardwood vacuum, but I also think that there is simply no better overall choice for these types of floors. Why am I saying this? Well, first of all, it is a very solid choice for all 3 types of floors that you might consider using it on tile, carpets, and hardwood.

The brush roll is easy to put on and it is actually very solid on carpets, although it is not (nor it should be) its primary function. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you want to deep-clean carpets, you should consider using a steam vacuum model (check out my reviews), but I will say that it can easily pick off debris and hair even on rugs.

The second thing that is also very positive is the battery life. I know that this feature is not game-breaking for most of you, but the fact of the matter is that the Hoover Linx doesn’t fade away as the time goes by, which ultimately means that it will work on full power until it turns off. You won’t have to worry about that unpleasant “fade away” element where it works only at 50% once it reaches a certain battery level.

One of the things that can drive people crazy these days on a vacuum cleaner is a bad charge indicator. So many customers told me that they simply hate it when this happens to them: they make an important appointment, and they don’t have the time to charge the battery up. “Well, that’s no problem, since the battery is half full”, they say. After a few seconds, the battery drops dead and they have to leave the filthy floor lying, and they don’t have the time to finish it in the afternoon since the guests will be arriving right after he comes home. Luckily, the charge indicator is very precise on Hoover Linx. I could mention tons of other good stuff about this model, but I suggest you go and read the reviews on Amazon yourself.

CONS: Well, if you have a lot of stairs in your house, it’s better for me to warn you that it doesn’t have any kind of a stair handle, which means that you’ll have to carry it from below, which is not really practical. Also, the battery is kind of expensive and it only comes with one battery. So, you better keep an eye on it.

#2 Choice (good for tile floors):
Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum
PROS: What I love about the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub vacuum is the fact that it is so versatile, while at the same time it’s doing an excellent job on every surface imaginable. It even does washing and drying, since it is actually a 3-in-1 vacuum.

The moving brush is responsible for cleaning the tile floors and it does a wonderful job on travertine and ceramic tiles.

This is the best tile/hardwood vacuum cleaner on the market, and nothing comes even close. I know that there are a lot of naysayers out there, but the fact of the matter is that this is the closest model that comes to that “perfect” standard. If you want better results, you should really pay for a commercial vacuum cleaning service.

The motor is very strong, and the machine is quite lightweight for so many functions that are built in. I also love the scrubbers; they are very useful for tiles.

CONS: Yes, the machine is noisy, but what did you expect from such a strong motor model? It can’t be that versatile while at the same time as quiet. The other complaint is that the machine will not work without a filter, so make sure you always keep it inside.
#3 Choice (best option for stairs):
Hoover C2401 Shoulder Vac Pro Commercial Back Pack Vacuum with 1-1/2-Inch Attachment Kit
PROS: Finding the best combo vacuum that excels both on hardwood floors and stairs can be very tricky. But over the years there has always been a single model that’s been performing almost flawlessly on stairs. I’m talking about the Hoover C2401 Shoulder Vac Pro.

Please, don’t let the price scare you off, because honestly, it’s worth every penny. Sure, you can try those lower priced models, but let me tell you: I’ve tried them all, and they simply can’t compare. What makes this model so special for stairs?

Well, first of all, you carry it on your shoulders, and it weighs only around 9lbs. This means that the pressure on your back will be non-existent.

Next, you have to think about the scenario when you’re trying to clean your stairs. The thing with conventional vacuums is that they are simply not made for stairs. None of those traditional models is. Why? Well, simply because you’ll have to carry a lot of weight in your hands, which is very tiresome. Also, consider the fact that most of those models are too big to sit on one stair block at the time, and if you try to put them on 2 stairs at one time, they just might roll off all the way to the bottom.

I also have to say that the suction is very powerful and the extension cord is very long. All in all, if you’re looking for a very mobile solution that will make cleaning the stairs child’s play, you should definitely check the C2401 model out.

CONS: Well, the first one is obviously price. At almost $400, this model isn’t suited for everyone. Although it’s worth every penny, I completely realize that not everyone can actually afford this model. That’s why I’ve decided to give you an alternative below. Also, I have to admit that some of you might feel very awkward for the first time since you actually have to put the vacuum on your shoulders. Finally, consider the fact that all those straps around your waist during the summer can really make life hot for you. Otherwise, there are no other major complaints.

#4 Choice (also excellent for stairs):
Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum
If you have a very tight budget, but you’d still like a solid choice for hardwood and stairs, Eureka 3670G might be a good solution for you. Basically, this is a very solid vacuum cleaner for a wide variety of floor surfaces, and it is extremely good for stairs as well, simply because of all the tools that come with it. The only thing that it is not that good for our carpets, so if you have carpeted stairs, I suggest you pick up the C2401 model above when the budget allows you to.

Since the motor is not that durable, you’ll start having problems with larger carpeted areas. But the fact that it is quite cheap (only around $60) makes it an ideal alternative.
#5 Choice (extremely good for rugs):
Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner
PROS: Miele S2121 has been one of my favorite rug machines ever since it came out. What I like about it is that it’s extremely lightweight, and for being a canister vacuum, it is extremely mobile. This means that if you have a lot of floors in your house you can easily move from room to room without ever worrying about breaking your back.

The filter that comes with it is also surprisingly effective at cleaning the air that gets through the motor. Generally, I have no complaints about the design either. I will mention one drawback that makes it quite annoying in the cons section below.

Now, when it comes to rugs (that’s why you’re reading this, right?), I have to say it does a wonderful job. I know that some people might complain about the lack of the brush roller, but honestly, there is no need for one. The only thing that you have to do when switching from the hardwood floors mode to the rugs mode is to always use the switch that is located on the head to adjust it for rugs.

One thing that I don’t see a lot of people mention on this model is that the casters (the wheels) are actually not set to one direction. They actually rotate! This is incredibly useful for me because one thing that I loathe about canister models is that they are just hard to rotate, which makes me avoid them all the time. Not this baby though.

Finally, I just have to say that if you’re looking for a powerful, lightweight and quiet solution for rugs, I wouldn’t look any further than this one.

what is the best vacuum for hardwood floors

CONS: First of all, if you don’t pull the switch on the vacuum head when trying to wipe the floors, the machine will actually let out a terrible noise. The vent blower, in my opinion, is not positioned properly, which means that sometimes if you hold the vacuum at odd angles, it will actually blow the dust off.

How To Increase the Longevity of your Robot Cleaner

how to increase the longevity of your robot cleaner

Owning a Roomba Robot Cleaner is a wonderful experience. You have a personal cleaner which is smart. No need to feed or give salary to. You can just turn it on, leave it on and when you come home at night, the dirt is gone. The Roomba robot cleaner is resting peacefully, charging itself and getting ready for the next day task.

But even if it does a superb job of cleaning your house, you also have to provide your round robot a degree of maintenance and care. The good thing about keeping your Roomba in tiptop shape is that it can prolong life expectancy of the robot components, can run longer and clean better. Here are steps on how to do it. (These tips are better done for 500 series Roomba robot cleaners.)

how to increase the longevity of your robot cleaner

1. Again, this cleaning guide is best suited for Roomba 500 robot cleaners. It can be used to maintain earlier or more recent models too but proceed with total caution. To check whether your robot cleaner is a 500 series or not, flip the cleaner and you will see a 3-digit number on the bottom. If it starts with a 5, then, that is a 500 series. If not, then, it is of another model. But it is ok.

2. This tip is all about basic cleaning for your Roomba robot cleaner. It is imperative that you do this every run (or every other run) to properly maintain the cleaner. Take off the dust bin and remove all debris inside the bin. Do you see a yellow tab? That is the filter drawer and you need to empty it as well. Afterwards, return the filter drawer and the dust bin.

3. You also need to do this type of care for your Roomba once every week (if it runs daily). You have to clean the brushes. Lift the two yellow plastic tabs under the unit so you can get the brushes. Take off all the debris in it totally. If there are some dirt that cannot be removed by hand, use scissors but be careful not to cut the bristles though.

At one end of the brushes, there are yellow plastic caps. Remove it and use cotton buds or toothpicks to clean inside. Put the everything back on when you’re done including the brushes.There is a wheel on your Roomba cleaner that swivels. Pop out these swivelling wheels by using your fingers.You will see dirt inside, so wipe it clean! But be careful when doing so because the sensors are located there and it can be damaged. Do the cleaning with soft motions.

4. This tip is for those who are experienced in cleaning sensitive gadgets like the Roomba. Get a screwdriver and loosen the screw of the cleaner’s rotating brush. Pull it up until the brush will snap off. Unscrew the faceplate and blow any dust underneath it. Do not ever turn your cleaner upside or else everything will fall down. This is the hard part in this tip. When all is good, put back everything accordingly.

how to increase the longevity of your robot cleaner

That was a handful, right? And you will see that the Roomba robot cleaner has been doing its purpose for you after cleaning it. So, to keep it from doing a perfect job for you every single time, learn how to maintain it too. Have fun!


Keep Your Pool Clean and Safe with the Pool Vacuum

Above ground pools have recently boomed in popularity and one of them is the hayward pool vacuum. More and more households now prefer them over underground pools because they are easier and faster to construct.

Why Are Many People Choosing Hayward Pool Vacuum?

Increasing the size of the pool is also many times easier if it is located above ground. Having transparent pool walls also allow people to watch the people swim from a very panoramic point of view. Above ground pools however require more maintenance that underground ones. Cleaning and maintaining a pool usually required hours of hard work. Fortunately for pool owners, they can get a hayward pool vacuum to do all the work for them. It is a type of vacuum that cleans the pool floor in circular motion patterns.

Hayward Pool Vacuum for Maintenance

The bigger the pool, the more effort and time is needed to keep it safe and clean. This is the primary reason why many families opt for smaller above ground pools. However, there are times that having a bigger pool cannot be avoided such as when your family is growing. Time may come when your current pool will no longer be able to accommodate every member of the family. When this time comes you will need to choose between two options; keep the pool size the same and keep the number of people that can swim together limited, or expand the pool and also increase the
amount of maintenance work required. Having a pool vacuum will make
coming up with a choice easy because you need not worry about maintenance

Hayward Pool Vacuum Models

A hayward pool vacuum comes in a variety of models all designed for specific types of above ground pools. They
all take approximately 3 hours to clean the entire pool floor. A set comes with
a 30’ worth of pool sections. Additional sections can be purchased in case you
need more length.

The time a hayward pool vacuum can save you can be priceless. You can use it to spend more time with the other members of the family. You can also spend it on other activities. Having a device automatically cleaning your pool also comes with better results than that of manual cleaning.

Keeping a swimming pool clean and safe is a necessity. A pool should be a medium for fun, enjoyment, and relaxation. It should not become a health hazard because of dirty water or a cause of accidents because of a slippery pool side. Maintain your pool all the time with pool vacuum so that you can swim with peace of mind.

Robotic Pool Cleaners, Automatic Pool Vacuums and Autobots for your House

There are few things more frustrating than long days spent on your hands and knees by the pool, cleaning the sides and the pool floor with your bare hands, or scrubbing for hours as you dive down to the bottom of your pool to reach those stubborn pieces of debris. You didn’t choose a pool so you could spend all your time cleaning – you chose a pool for those long, lazy summer days sitting in your swimming tube, floating on your back, and watching the kids pretend to be sharks.

If you’re constantly thinking life would be easier if your swimming pool would clean itself, you’ll be pleased to know that your perfect solution exists! Automatic pool cleaners are vacuum cleaners for your swimming pool – they’ll move around the pool and they’ll suck up all that debris, brushing down the sides and leaving your pool looking as good as the day your first filled it with crystal clear water.

Types of Pool Cleaners

There are three main types of auto pool cleaners, and all work slightly differently. Pressure cleaners, and return-side cleaners, are powered along by the pressure of the water moving through them, as the name suggests. They have a dedicated debris bag, and they’re the perfect choice if your pool regularly collects debris, including leaves from overhanging trees.

A suction cleaner will move along to work like an additional drain, using suction to pull debris from your pool. These cleaners don’t just suck, though – many of them vibrate a little as they move around your pool, so they’ll do the scrubbing at the same time. No more holding your breath and taking a sponge under the water. Suction cleaners work with your existing filter, and they’re better for pools that are usually filled with smaller debris.

A pool cleaning robot, or robotic automatic pool cleaner, will be powered along by motors. These are the clever cleaners, in order to pick the best robotic pool cleaner 2018 to help them find any issues and ‘learn’ the shape of your swimming pool. They usually also come with a remote control, so you can direct them if you’re feeling a little more active. Robotic cleaners are great for sand, silt and small pieces of debris, but they can get expensive.

An automatic pool vacuum will set you back anything from a hundred dollars to a few thousand. It depends what you’re looking for, and what brand you go with. A cheap Barracuda cleaner can do a suction cleaning job at a relatively low price, but you’ll be paying in the region of $2000 dollars for an Aquabot T4 pool cleaner, with the ability to clean your whole pool in an hour or less. A state-of-the-art pool cleaning robot like that will clean, filter and scrub your pool, giving you the power to take over with the remote control for intensive spot cleaning when it’s required.

It’s probably not too hard to imagine all the occasions when a pool cleaner might be useful. Maybe your molting dog just took a dive into the pool, or maybe your son wasn’t watching where he was going and tripped up by the side? Now, his sandwiches are in the pool, they’re taking in water faster than a sinking ship, and in the past there’d be only one way to get them out – with a fishing net, time and effort.

Where To Get A Robotic Pool Cleaner

Buy a pool cleaner online, and you’ll never have that worry again. You can get your cleaner delivered to your door, and you won’t need to scrub your pool on your hands and knees or pay professionals to come in and do the job for you. Pool cleaners aren’t an expense, they’re a long-term investment, and you’ll see the results every time the leaves fall into your pool, and every time your daughter decides it’s fun to try and build an island of sand in the middle of the ‘ocean’.

Robotic pool cleaners and automatic pool vacuums are out there to suit every budget, but always check the reviews to make sure yours will do what you want before you buy it. You don’t want to waste money on the wrong type of pool cleaner, and you want one that can handle the size and the depth of your swimming pool.

You can buy accessories and replacement parts for your pool cleaner online, and all good automatic pool cleaners come with their own warranty or guarantee. They’re not intended be the most stylish things you’ve ever seen, but if you’re looking for a pool cleaner the kids and the neighbors will love, you’ll want to check out Hayward pool cleaners.

Get your pool cleaner today, and you could soon be enjoying a better swimming pool experience. You don’t need to spend all day cleaning, you don’t need to ban the kids from going near the pool with their candy, and you don’t need to worry every time the leaves fall from the trees. A dirty pool won’t mean you need to spend hours scrubbing and cleaning, and it won’t mean you need to call someone else and pay them to clean your pool properly – you can do it yourself. The next time your swimming pool looks less than perfect, set the pool cleaner on it, then sit back and relax with an ice cold drink, and get ready for an afternoon in the water when the hard work is done.

Bosch 1274DVS Review

This variable speed in-line belt sanding tool from Bosch combines reliable, solid performance with a design that is well executed. The lightweight, durable housing is made from plastic and magnesium.

Bosch 1274DVS’s comfortable, balanced and ease of operation make it possible to use for an extended period of time. There is no warping associated with stamped steel platen as a result of the cast aluminum platen, and the sander is ready to use without additional assembly required.

A flush finish is provided when sanding corners by the belt edge being aligned with the motor. The limited visibility around tight corners is a slight drawback but the system for changing the belt works well without spring pinches. The belt is quickly tracked and held in place by the tracking adjustment. The trigger switch has a built in dual speed dial for variable speeds.

Negative Reviews

Though not pessimistic we always begin with the negative review aspects in order to give a realistic view of the item, so that is where we will begin for the Bosch 1274DV belt sander.

There are a number of things that the warranty does not cover past the first thirty days of ownership including the switch if it goes bad. There some problems with nicking the belt and it not begin adjusted or tracked properly once it was replaced. The paper would not remain on the sander. Some users experienced the insides becoming stopped up with the dust from sanding. The unit had to be taken apart and cleaned with a shop vacuum.

The seal was non-existent between the bag and the dust port causing dust to blow back at the user. The plastic tension release lever was also found to turn brittle as a result of being made of cheap material.

Positive Reviews

There were a number of positive reviews for the 1274DVS. Some of the positive aspects of the belt sander included the build and design being pleasing. Changing the belt only required pulling the side lever to remove the old belt. The ability to sand edges that are obstructed by removing the front handle was another pleasing feature. The speed was easily adjusted with the trigger relieving the need to apply and release pressure in order to adjust the sanding capabilities.

The sander is perfectly balanced. The belt can be seen from both sides while sanding is being done. The accuracy and control of sanding made up for the loss of speed that was experienced during some projects. The unit can be used as a table top sander easily by simply flipping it over which is another amazing aspect of the belt sander.


Would we recommend the 274DVS Variable Speed belt sander from Bosch with a cloth dust bag to consumers? Yes, we would and here’s the reason:

The positive aspects of the unit greatly outweighed the negative with virtually everyone, (even those giving negative reviews) finding positive aspects of the sander. Those wishing to sand odd surfaces, obscure angles and projects of all sizes can be confident of a job done right when purchasing the 1274DVS making it an investment well worth making.

The Way Vacuum Cleaners Soak up Debris

The idea behind how vacuum cleaners function is just not so difficult. Just as whenever you sip soda having a straw, this appliance revolve about the principle of suction mechanism. How suction works is according to the basic idea of pressure. top vacuum cleaners


Sucking the soda up reduces pressure from the leading of the straw and increases pressure in the bottom of the straw, which causes the soda to flow upward towards your mouth. This is just a easy example of a suction mechanism.


A vacuum cleaner operates in a comparable manner as it picks up debris and dirt from your carpet. In this write-up, you may see what exactly is inside this equipment and discover some standard principles in physics, which makes a this appliance function.


The conventional vacuum cleaner is really straightforward and is produced up of six vital components, namely:


1. Intake port could be the point exactly where debris and dirt enter the vacuum cleaner.

2. Exhaust port pushes out the air that comes in from the intake port throughout suction.


3. Electric motor assists in generating suction.


4. Fan could be the component that begins and keeps the suction mechanism operating.


5. Porous bag collects and filters the sucked air of dirt and debris that had been collected via the intake port.


6. Housing shops all of the components together in an arranged and orderly manner for the effective functioning of the vacuum cleaner.


When electricity is supplied towards the vacuum cleaner and is switched on, the electric motor runs and also the fan, which is attached to it, resembles like an airplane propeller rotates. As the fan blades start to turn, they are going to push the air towards the exhaust port. When this procedure begins, the air pressure in front of the fan increases even though the pressure behind it decreases. This reduce in pressure creates a suction or partial vacuum inside the vacuum cleaner. top rated vacuum


Because air constantly moves from high-pressure location to low pressure location, the ambient air moves into the cleaner via the intake port simply because the pressure inside the partial vacuum is considerably lower than on the outside. When the blow mode of the vacuum cleaner is becoming utilised, the exhaust port sucks air and also the fan rotates the other way.


So long as the fan is operating along with the intake port remains open, there’s a continuous flow of air moving via the intake port and out via the exhaust port by way of the porous bag. Because of the force of air brought on by suction, dirt and debris also get sucked into the vacuum cleaner.


The absorbed air mixed with dirt and debris pass by way of the porous bag, which filters out the air and retains the dirt and debris. The bag may be emptied and cleaned to get rid of the collected dirt and debris.


The suction mechanism of a vacuum cleaner may be weaker or stronger based on the energy of the electric motor which determines the speed of the fan, the air passageway by way of the bag which accumulates the debris and dirt, along with the size of the intake port exactly where air passes by means of vacuum cleaner reviews

Tips on How to Cut Costs on Home Renovation

The best way to increase the value of your house is to do a complete renovation.   If the painting has flaked or peeled off,  the walls and ceilings expose large cracks and openings,  and the room smells stale and mouldy,  there is no other solution except– a complete home renovation!

If you feel the need to resell or rent out your house, you should at least make it habitable for the next occupant.   If it is the entire house that needs renovation, you would need the services of carpenters, painters, plasterers and cleaners.

You can look up these services from your local directory, or better still, you can Google them up.   For instance if you are looking to hire the services of painters,  you can key in “ Painters Gold Coast ”, into Google ,  if you are looking for plasterers, “ Plastering Gold Coast ”,  or if you are looking for available cleaners to help you with carpet stain removal, dusting, window washing or just about anything which involves cleaning up then the search term “ Cleaning Gold Coast ”.

The house should have upkeep.    It is less expensive to maintain a house  than renovating a dilapidated house.   But if you have the misfortune of owning a house of this condition,  it is not yet too late to fix things up.    To be able to save money on the services of carpenters, plasterers and cleaners,  you may do the minor preparations such as the prepping out of the walls to get it ready for the plastering and painting.

At the top of your list is to  start with one room at a time until you finally get every room in the house prepped up for the  subsequent major step which is the actual renovation.

When you start,  first look into  the walls for blisters and bubbles under the paint or flaking of the paint, cracks, chips and dents in the walls, and mould that have accumulated through time.  Mould usually takes the form of red, brown or black patches on the surface of the paint.  They are usually caused by too much humidity in the room.

If this is the case, you have to get yourself a knife with which to scrape off loose, flaky or blistered paint, a brush with which to clean the surfaces, a filling knife with which to fill in the holes, chips, dents and cracks on the walls or ceilings, and plaster for covering the surface before the application of primer and paint.

Scrape off all the flaky and loose paint from your walls and ceiling.   When all the surface has become smooth, dust off the loose dirt using your brush.   You can also do this by hosing it down with water.   When the surface has become smooth and clean, Mix your plaster with primer to a paste.   With your filling knife, get a small amount of mixture and smooth it out in a downward direction over the small chips and dents.   In filling up bigger holes and dents, get a proportional amount of paste mixture with your hand and apply it all over the deep holes and cracks pounding on it gently to fill all of the crevice.   Then, you can leave it out to dry.   When the plaster filler has become dry, take your filling knife and get a small amount of plaster mixture and smooth it out over the remaining crannies until you get a seamless finish.

Do these for every area until everything is all ready for the renovation.   Doing these yourself will enable you to save money for the serviceman’s hourly rate.   Plus, doing these things yourself will surely create a bond between you and your home and in a way, make you ponder on how to deal with your property in a better way.